Each and every animal who passes through the shelter has a sad and heartbreaking story. But when they get their happy endings, they can finally put their pasts behind them for good. In the video below, a mama dog and her puppies partake in a wonderful reunion after a despicable situation.

Source: WDTNTV/YouTube

A dog owner, for whatever reason, decided it’d be best to toss four 10-week-old puppies over a bridge. But the pups were later discovered by the very sheriff deputy who would also convince this person to give up the mother dog.

Source: WDTNTV/YouTube

The story blew up locally, and people started turning in adoption applications for the little ones and donating supplies to help out. It’s an older news story, and the dogs would go on to get the lives they’d always deserved. And it’s a big thanks to everyone involved who took the time to help the canine family defeat all the odds!

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