A Bridgeville pet groomer has been fired and arrested after he was caught on tape allegedly abusing a dog.

43-year-old James Campbell, who worked at Pet Emporium, in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, was seen yelling and cursing at the dog while dragging him by the legs and violently pulling him by his neck and body.

Not only was it seen on surveillance footage, but it was also witnessed first-hand by Brittany King, another groomer at Pet Emporium who was grooming another dog while the incident took place.


King was horrified by Campbell’s actions and continued to focus on grooming the dog on her table, who was known to be aggressive. One wrong move could have made the situation even worse, so Campbell stayed calm and then screen recorded the surveillance footage from her phone once it was over.

King says the dog never became aggressive toward Campbell at any point and did not deserve to be treated that way. She says the dog was actually anxious and scared and that the owner even told Campbell this before the grooming.

King posted the footage of the abuse on Facebook, which has since gone viral and caused an uproar from pet owners in the community.

Edward Wagner, Pet Emporium’s co-owner who is also married to Campbell, fired him immediately upon seeing the video and is slash filing for divorce.


“I just couldn’t take anymore. I said you can’t be here anymore, this is my establishment. I’ve been in business for 35 years I cannot having you abusing my customers, my dogs, you can’t do it,” Wagner told WBOC.

Pet Emporium has apologized for Campbell’s awful actions, and Wagner promises to investigate future groomers more closely before hiring them.

Campbell was arraigned on Monday and has since been released on his own recognizance pending a court hearing, according to the Office of Animal Welfare.

Campbell is also prohibited from all physical contact with animals until the case is closed.
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