As per a statement, Mark initially attacked the dog with a kitchen knife. He stabbed the dog twice in his neck while the poor dog yelped in pain multiple times. Mark’s girlfriend immediately responded to the yelps and was shocked to find her dog in a pool of blood.

She immediately scooped her dog up and got into her vehicle to drive to the vet’s. But Mark was still not done. He followed them and grabbed the dog again to strangle him until he stopped breathing. The cops are still investigating the case, and have asked the public to share with them any information that they have on Mark and help catch him. Spread the word.

Update: Cops recently informed that they have arrested Mark and he is now being held in Boone County Jail on a $10,000 bond. Mark admitted to the crime and claimed that he was under the influence of ecstasy during the entire course of these events. He has currently been charged with felony animal abuse, and is awaiting his trail. We hope that he gets the strictest sentence for his inexcusable act of cruelty.

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