Some people are perhaps past normal, even as far as abnormal, its people in these cases that are not cut out to have a dog, maybe this one case could just be one of those cases, you tell us what you

The doggie concerned in called Princess Molly, and she is a three-pound dog, she loves the ocean, but sadly deputies report that her recent visit to the beach amounted to a serious breach of humanity to do this to a little dog!

At the time, a woman called Elizabeth Grindle was looking out of the window on her house, which happened to be on New Smyrna Beach, and she saw a woman doing awful things to this poor doggie!

She said: – “When I looked out, I saw four women who looked to be in their 20s. It looked like they were throwing a bag around at the end of a string. They were throwing it on the beach, then throwing it in the water, then dragging it through the water, and all of a sudden, I realized it was a dog!”

Christy Hopkins was taken into custody by the deputies and in another twist, she is also not the dog’s owner! Authorities say that she is the dog sitter who regularly looks after the dog.

Since then she has made the bond and is out of jail, she professes that she adores Princess Molly, and would never hurt her in any way. She is in the process of taking legal advice and the services of a lawyer.

Back home safely with her owner now, but her owners do not want to talk about the incident!